Snow Train Details

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Tour Description

A trip to the North Pole isn’t in the cards this Christmas. But who needs negative temps and tons of travel, when you can join us on the only daylight train to the legendary Christmas town of Leavenworth to see the annual Lighting Festival. The fun begins as you board the train, cozy into your seat and enjoy a continental breakfast. The changing scenery outside will compete for your attention onboard the train as oom-pa-pah bands, carolers, magicians and Santa perform through the aisles.

Upon arrival in Leavenworth, the fun continues in the streets of this Bavarian mountain town, that’s dressed up to look and feel, as The New York Times wrote, “a bit like the interior of a snow globe.” We’ll take in the season as we roam around this “perfect place to spark the holiday spirit,” where horse-drawn carriages glide down the roads, carolers stroll, and vendors sell delicious holiday fare. Later, we’ll gather for the highlight of the day: In one truly magical moment, the entire town will become illuminated in a synchronized display that rivals the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (and is a whole lot more charming). After, re-board the train where dinner, more entertainment, hot chocolate and our fabulous staff awaits to make your Christmas wishes come true.


Please read the following information before booking your Snow Train excursion.

We would like to thank both Amtrak and Burlington Northern for allowing this special opportunity to run a daylight train to Leavenworth during the Christmas Season.

The Snow Train is not your ordinary excursion train. We operate on heavily used Burlington Northern tracks between Seattle and Chicago and are subject to Burlington Northern dispatch. The following information is to help orientate you on how the Snow Train operates. While we try to cover most of the major information and questions, you can be certain the following information cannot possible cover all the circumstances that may arise.

If you have any other questions please submit them after you have read the following information.

Cars and seating cannot be guaranteed In the event Premium or Dome class become suddenly unavailable you will be assign coach seating and the difference in price will be refunded – full refunds will not be given

Dome and Premium Seats will either be at tables in the Silver Lariat, or tables or cocktail style seats in the Amtrak full dome car Premium Seats are in the Silver Lariat or Cafe Cars. Silver Lariat –

*Train car configuration and cars are subject to change*


******Sample Snow Train Documents, subject to change******

Dear Guest, It is a pleasure to welcome you aboard the “Snow Train” to Leavenworth featuring some of the most spectacular scenery in the state. The following are answers to many questions regarding the “Snow Train”. Please note that the following information is subject to change without notice.

What to wear…
Casual warm clothing is suggested so that your trip will be comfortable and relaxing. The average daytime temperature in Leavenworth during the winter is in the low 30’s so you should dress accordingly. After the sun goes down temperatures can drop into the teens. Be sure to wear a sweater, warm coat, mittens or gloves, long underwear, hat, umbrella, raincoat, microspikes, and comfortable walking shoes that will keep your feet warm dry (i.e. boots). Layers of warm clothing are essential for your enjoyment.

Your Carry-On Items…
You are welcome to leave your carry on items in your seat or in the overhead storage area on the train or you can carry them with you during the day. Alki Tours will not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items on the train.

Your Tour Director…
Each train car will be accompanied by car attendant, whose objective is to guarantee your comfort, provide information and make the trip as enjoyable as possible. Remember that they can only be of assistance if you make your needs known.

It is your responsibility to be on time for the scheduled train departures. Alki Tours will not be responsible for any person missing the train for any reason.

Beverages and Snacks…
For your convenience and enjoyment, there will be two cafe cars on the train with a variety of snacks and beverages (Alcohol – subject to legal approval). (Amtrak and the City of Leavenworth Public transport prohibit the consumption of personal alcoholic beverages while on their vehicles). Violations will result in the confiscation of any opened alcoholic beverage containers. Intoxicated or belligerent behavior will not be tolerated and violators are subject to removal from the train and Leavenworth City Transit Buses and may be prosecuted under applicable Federal and/or Washington State laws.

Gratuities for your car attendants should always be your determination however we are often asked if there is an industry standard. Car attendants are usually tipped from $10 to $20 per person per day if you enjoyed their service.

Continental Breakfast – ***Sample Menu ONLY – Subject to Change*** A continental breakfast will be served to you in your seat after the Everett stop. Alki Bakery’s Ham & Cheese on Croissant, Yogurt, Juice, and hot regular coffee.

Dinner – ***Sample Menu ONLY – Subject to Change***
A chilled gourmet dinner will be served to you in your seat tonight after we clear the 7.8 mile long Cascade tunnel. Your dinner may include: Crispy Chicken, pasta salad, roll, beverage, and a Cookie Royale. Vegetarian meals must be requested at time of booking your trip departure. We are sorry we cannot guarantee any other special meal requests. If you have food allergies please bring your own appropriate medication.

Meals on your own…
Lunch is on your own. You may wish to bring along a lunch or snacks that you can eat at your leisure on the train or you can dine at one of the many quaint restaurants in Leavenworth. The restaurants will be very busy, so you may wish to plan accordingly. For general Leavenworth information you can contact the Leavenworth Chamber at 509-548-5807.

Boarding Information…
Inside the station, there is no need to “check in” or stand in line. Boarding announcements will be made prior to the trip departure. As you approach the train, notice that the cars are labeled alphabetically. Proceed to the car designated on your boarding pass. At the train side, an Alki Tours representative will check you and your traveling companions in and seat you. This will be your seat assignment for the entire trip. (Please note: single and odd numbered parties will be required to share seating and may need to be re-seated). ******Physically challenged people, please call our office for additional information****** If you fail to board the train at your designated station you may not be able to be seated with your traveling companions. Parties boarding at different location may not be able to be seated together.

Parking information:
Will be sent out with tour documents approx 10 days prior to departure. Prices usually range from $10-$30 depending on where you park.


Tentative Itinerary

Please note Train doors will close 10 minutes prior to departure. Actual departure time is subject to clearance by Burlington Northern Dispatch

Depart King Street Train Station – Approx 8:05AM
Depart Edmonds Station – Approx 8:40AM
Depart Everett Station – Approx 9:20AM
Arrive at Leavenworth at approximately 1:30pm. Upon arrival transit buses will be there to transfer you from the train to the town site (1.2 miles). The train will continue on to be serviced in Wenatchee. Therefore, you will not have access to the train prior to our re-boarding time.
4:45pm The first shuttles begin to load. If the train has not arrived back in Leavenworth, the buses will be staged at the high school parking lot until the train arrives. If you board a bus early you may be delayed at the Station prior to the trains arrival.
5:15pm The last shuttle departs for the train. Buses may be delayed due to traffic and the first bus not full after 5:15pm will end our transportation to the train
5:25pm the train will depart Leavenworth.
Our approximate return times will be in Everett at 9:45pm, Edmonds at 10:15pm, and King Street at 10:45pm, respectively. These are our best estimated times.
Kindly note that our time schedule may be altered due to circumstances beyond our control. Wintertime train operations along the Burlington Northern Rail Line are subject to extreme delays as rail traffic and weather conditions affect freight schedules. Since there is only one set of train tracks, the “Snow Train” schedule is also affected by freight traffic. Historically delays have ranged from 1-2 hours and could possible extend even longer in extreme cases. You may wish to bring a book, playing cards, snacks or really good friends to pass the time. We will do our best to keep you informed along the way. Thank you in advance for your patience!
Due to a variety of factors the temperature inside your train car range from very warm to rather cold depending which car you are in, whether the train is moving or not and where you are sitting. Dress in layers so you can put on and take off clothing as you wish. You might want to bring a blanket in case you get chilled.

Snow Train tickets are not refundable for any reason unless ALKI TOURS cancels the departure. Please do not listen to any news reports or other sources of information regarding trains. If you have any questions as to whether the Snow Train is operating please show up at the station and send someone into the station before you pay for parking to verify the train is operating. In the event of a mudslide we will mostly likely be able to operate buses from Seattle/Edmonds to Everett to begin our journey If the Snow Train departs the station no refunds, partial refunds or credits of any kind will be given regardless whether the train makes it to Leavenworth or not. While this has never happened…Please consider this before paying for your reservation.

Traveling by Washington State Ferry to the train station?
In case of a late arrival you may miss the last ferry. We suggest that everyone have some form of transportation at the train station and not walk onto the ferry. Our service ends at the station. Historically we have arrived in Seattle after 12 midnight on 3 occasions in the last 10 years and only missed ferry service once.

Some common questions
Why is the train stopped on the tracks or siding?
Why is the train late? Why is the train early?
How long are we going to be stopped?
Why can’t you tell us what is going on?

For these questions there are too many different answers to list. Sometimes we are not informed why we have been stopped as situations may change on the tracks. We are subject to Burlington Northern dispatch and they are trying to keep us on schedule. Each train car has a car attendant equipped with a radio. If you have a question please contact you car attendant and they can radio the conductor to find out if the answer if available.

We have a high percentage of repeat Snow Train riders, We hope you enjoy your Snow Train trip and will do everything we can to make your trip enjoyable and return for years to come.

I am ready to make my Snow Train reservation. By pushing the “Book Now” button below I acknowledge that I have read the information and understand the terms and conditions and will review the terms and conditions in the Alki Tours brochure or online HERE.